Thai-Japanese Association


The Thai-Japanese Association has been founded in Thailand since 4th November 1935 (B.E.2478) by the Thai people and Japanese community in Thailand for the purpose of setting up a center to promote the relationships between the two nations.

The name of the association when first established was “Japan-Siam Association”, having Phya Saridhikarn Banchong as the first President and Prince Arthit-Tip-A-Pa as Honorary President. The Thai-Japanese Association had to quit its operation for a period of time during the World War II. Until 1968 (B.E. 2511), the Thai and Japanese people, most of them who were former members of the association

Were reunited and made legal registration for the re-establishment of the association once again under the name “Japan-Thailand Association”, having Phya Mahaisawan as the President. Later, on 20 August 1980 the Association has changed its name to “Thai-Japanese Association” and has continued operating until present.

Message from president

Established in 1935, Thai-Japanese Association (TJA) has been a part of Thai-Japan relationship for almost 70 years. Previously known as “Japan-Siam Association”, TJA’s membership now consists of more than 200 members both corporate and individuals. A leading role for Thai-Japanese Association is to sustain and strengthen business and social relationships between Thai and Japanese investors as well as people of the two countries. Recognizing the importance of social-business relation and cultural contact to develop good relationship among Thai and Japanese, TJA’s operation, thus, is categorized into 4 activities: economic, social, education and Japanese village. TJA previous activities includes luncheon speech by Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra in Oct 2002 and many other luncheon talks to update information on Thailand political and economic issues to members and general public by respected speakers invited from both Thailand and Japan.

With respect to the increasing demand for Internet-based communication, TJA starts launching TJA homepage for both Thai and English version in order to serve our members as well as public interests on TJA activities. Our next step is to expand our content and information to best reflect the needs of Thai and Japanese business environment and relation in Thailand. Hopefully, the TJA homepage will be a useful business resource for sustaining business and investment partnership between Thailand and Japan.




Mr. Kalin Sarasin
President | Thai-Japanese Association